Paintings In Gallery

About the Scholarship

The Greenfield Peace Scholarship has historically been a writing contest. Due to the upheavals throughout the world over the past year, we decided to shift the focus of the scholarship to visual arts. We asked students to create a piece of art that uplifts and claims their experiences of the past year. 

Named after Del Greenfield, director of Oregon PSR for sixteen years, the scholarship is an opportunity to hear from young Oregonians on some of the most pressing issues of our time. 


About Oregon PSR

Guided by the values and expertise of healthcare and public health, Oregon PSR works to protect human life from the gravest threats to health and survival by striving to protect our climate, end the nuclear threat, promote peace, and advance justice.

We are an organization of health professionals and public health advocates working collaboratively with community partners to educate and advocate for societal and policy change that protects human health at the local, state, national, and international level.

We seek a healthy, just, and peaceful world for present and future generations.

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